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      The Department of European Subregional Studies was formed on October 1, 2012 within the Institute of European Studies, which is part of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science at the University of Warsaw. The main direction of research in our Department focuses on providing analysis of the European continent through its sub-regions. On one hand, we attempt to answer the question of whether Eastern policy of the European Union is an effective means to form security, stability and growth in the countries of Eastern Europe. On the other hand, our research also focuses on western regions of Anglo-Saxon, Roman, Nordic, and German-speaking countries. The departmental staff members, individually and collectively, are in the process of carrying out a number of research projects that have been funded by Polish and foreign scientific institutions, including the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Our most important partners include The British Group for Social and Political Studies Britannia and a few universities in Serbia and Croatia. Employees of the Department are earning a degree in the first, second and third degree studies. Some also participate in conducting habilitation research.


Head of the Department of European Subregional Studies

Jozef Tymanowski
Adjunct Professor